Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Yes, I am indeed talking about University! It's been a bumpy road and last minute decision for me to apply for a degree in the past few months. I've always had a certain idea of taking a gap year out and hoping to find a full-time job. However, looking at a range of courses has driven me to take a leap of faith. The thought of UCAS daunted me. Who could be bothered to spend their time filling in silly details and then writing a full-on essay about themselves? Haha, certainly not me. But with a bit of motivation and guidance, I got it done.

I was torn between studying Fashion Journalism, Fashion Communication and Public Relations. However, Public Relations seemed the most broadened subject. It includes Event Management, Journalism and Mass Communications. It's a brilliant tool for entering into the ever-growing social empire! Say in a few years time I could be interning for a large fashion brand, talking to clients, presenting ideas and making the brand fresh and exciting as a PR. A job like this has never fascinated me so much!

It's right to say that I'm looking forward to the future ahead. I hope to study this degree at Sunderland University and find my feet along the way. 2014 has never been so exciting!

What are your plans for the future?

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