Monday, 22 December 2014


It's been a pretty maniac few months in the build up to Christmas so i apologise for the lack in blog posts! Here is an outfit guide of a classy look this winter.

With my student loan on the brink I haven't had the chance to buy many new clothes this upcoming season. I'm digging back into my old clothes and making (somehow) basic outfits for winter.

Details of my look:

Topshop Big floppy hat - You don't just wear big hats in the summer to give you shade when blissfully bathing in the sun! Nope! Winter is perfect for them too. 

ASOS Long sleeve turtle neck - My all time favourite top. I have about 5 different one's of them...just in different colours. 90's chick revival. 

New Look boyfriend coat - Like blazer, like coat. Grab one of them in any colour you can dream of at a mere price of just £30 pound.

River Island denim mini skirt - One of my summer buys. Denim will never go out of fashion and neither will a mini skirt, put them together and here you go!

New Look chunky heeled boots- I've had these boots for about 2 years now and I swear by them! Perfect for us petite girls who need an added lift in height.

(Bag is from Next)

So have you got any outfits you'd like to share this winter? 
Comment what you think!

Saturday, 25 October 2014


The last few weeks I've spent some time looking for a new lipstick to suit my skin colour and the upcoming season. In the past years I've sworn by the dark matte red. Goodness knows how many Rimmel Kate Moss and Mac Diva lipsticks I've worn.

Today on my little Boots haul, I came across two new colours, more neutral than I would ever usually opt for. The first, a matte colour by Soap & Glory which I have NEVER thought to buy makeup products from- it's usually the nice smellies and bath features. However, Motherpucker in Blush Pink is to die for. The soft purple tone is a new shade that actually suits my skin colour! I would also like to note how much I love the packaging and sleek-look to the lipstick.

Me being me, I also picked up a new little find by Rimmel- 'Provocalips'. It is said to give your lips up to 16HR of wear! So why not put that to the test? For a mere £6.99 I forgot about student loan and gave it a try. I opted for shade 730 'Make your move' (kissproof omg). Lighter than Rimmel, it has two sides to the stick. The first for intense colour and the second to lock in shine. Although it's no longer summer, a light lip shade is ALWAYS needed.

Any opinions and thoughts feel free to comment.

Friday, 24 October 2014


As part of my A-Level media course I was to develop a magazine from scratch. With research from the likes of Company and Vogue magazine I produced 'LUXE'. All photographs, graphics and articles are by yours truly. 

I really REALLY enjoyed this module and I will be using this task for portfolio work. Take a look at it online!  Find the link to the magazine here or click on the image above.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I'm currently into week five of my first year at the University of Sunderland and so many great things have happened. Freshers week began on the 15 September and consisted of non-stop alcohol consumption and partying. I've became student representative of my course, helping within the university's student union and I've made some of the greatest friends whilst staying in student halls.

Living student life to the full, of course...

I could not imagine life right now if I hadn't made the choice of University.
Best days of my life!

Saturday, 25 January 2014


1. 'Big Floppy Hat' £28.00 - Topshop

2. 'Ceris Laundry Check Shift Dress' £22.00 - Boohoo

3. 'Faux Ostrich Black Chain Shoulder Bag' £22.00 - Oh My Love London

4. 'Gold Tone Leopard Head Draped Necklace' £25.00 - River Island

5. 'Boxy Fur Gilet' £40.00 (sale price) - Topshop

6. 'Ark Bordeaux Claret Cut Out Patent Boots' £44.99 - Ark

So I've recently been saving up my pennies (for once) and now I have a sufficient amount, why not do a little online shopping? With January nearly over and exams basically around the corner, a little retail therapy is just what I need. The platform boots are a favorite pick of mine. They are from 'Ark', a clothing shop that I found in York when I went for a day visit- now I LOVE the place! The weather in January is a little temperamental, so opting for a dress may be a no-go. However, the stunning tartan print dress is amazingly priced. My love for fur is ever-growing and I may need to calm down a little...but a fur gilet? Who knew that they would actually pull off? The accessories that I've placed with the outfit are just a few wonderful gems that I found online. I tend to go for gold necklaces for jewellery but a fur scarf would look just as amazing.

Let me know what your favorite items are above♥

Friday, 10 January 2014


Real Techniques Brush set by Samantha Chapman £20.99 rrp

Rimmel London 'Wake Me Up' Foundation £6.99 
(I also use the WMU concealer £3.49)

MAC 'Pink Swoon' blusher £18.00

Naked Palette £37.00

 MAC 'Deep Dark Brunette' Brow Pencil £15.50
Rimmel London 'Scandal Eyes' Liquid Liner £3.49
Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara £19.50

Above are images of my everyday makeup wear. Whether it be for college or a day out shopping, I personally don't feel the need to use more than a few products. Here is a little mini-guide to my makeup application of my favorite products. 

1. The Real Techniques brushes are my Mother's greatest buy yet! (Christmas present, of course) The set of 4 brushes together includes:

♥ Detailer Brush: I use this brush to conceal areas on my face, or, to use for my lipstick to enhance definition
♥ Pointed Foundation Brush: I don't tend use this brush for its main use, instead I prefer to use it to blend my foundation and concealer.
♥ Buffing Brush: Aka my foundation brush! It's chunky and I'd much rather use a larger brush to apply my overall coverage.
♥ Contour Brush: This delicately applies my blush/bronzer giving it a sheer, soft finish on my skin

2. The Wake Me Up Foundation is a new-found favorite of mine. After using MAC and Benefit 'Hello Flawless' for years, I decided to mix things up a bit. I was drawn into buying this product after hearing Tanya Burr's opinion on YouTube of her top 5 Drugstore Foundations.The product gives my skin a fabulous glow and highlight. I personally recommend it for anyone. 

Find Tanya Burr's video here:

3. I only ever use my MAC blusher when I give myself more than 5 minutes to get myself ready on a morning (which isn't often). However when I do, the subtle pink tone lightens up my cheekbones and adds extra highlight. For night's out, I wear a bronzer by Natural Collection and use the contour brush with this also.

4. The Naked Palette. What more can I say? Other than I must invest in the second and third edition! Before application, I place the Urban Decay Primer that came free with the palette onto my eye-lids for long-lasting wear. The shades that I use for everyday are 'Sin' 'Naked' and 'Sidecar'. They give a natural tone and blend with my skin colour. Nights out, I blend either 'Toasted' 'Smog' and 'Hustle' with one another. I love dark brown eyes with a shimmer! I deffo recommend this look for girls with green eyes. 

5. I have natural shaped eyebrows with a dark tint so I rarely use my MAC brow pencil. When in need of shading or defining edges, I would lightly cover my brows. 

6. Usually, I never wear liquid eyeliner. However recently, I've found an easy application by using a liquid liner pen. I don't have a steady hand at all but investing in this product has made applying liner a breeze! For a mere amount, I recommend Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes for anyone who isn't the artistic type.

7. 'They're Real' by Benefit is top in the UK for women's mascara, and I agree! I have quite natural long eyelashes so I don't tend to put a large amount on for everyday. But even without a lot, this product certainly makes your eyes seem wider and fresh.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Yes, I am indeed talking about University! It's been a bumpy road and last minute decision for me to apply for a degree in the past few months. I've always had a certain idea of taking a gap year out and hoping to find a full-time job. However, looking at a range of courses has driven me to take a leap of faith. The thought of UCAS daunted me. Who could be bothered to spend their time filling in silly details and then writing a full-on essay about themselves? Haha, certainly not me. But with a bit of motivation and guidance, I got it done.

I was torn between studying Fashion Journalism, Fashion Communication and Public Relations. However, Public Relations seemed the most broadened subject. It includes Event Management, Journalism and Mass Communications. It's a brilliant tool for entering into the ever-growing social empire! Say in a few years time I could be interning for a large fashion brand, talking to clients, presenting ideas and making the brand fresh and exciting as a PR. A job like this has never fascinated me so much!

It's right to say that I'm looking forward to the future ahead. I hope to study this degree at Sunderland University and find my feet along the way. 2014 has never been so exciting!

What are your plans for the future?