Saturday, 25 October 2014


The last few weeks I've spent some time looking for a new lipstick to suit my skin colour and the upcoming season. In the past years I've sworn by the dark matte red. Goodness knows how many Rimmel Kate Moss and Mac Diva lipsticks I've worn.

Today on my little Boots haul, I came across two new colours, more neutral than I would ever usually opt for. The first, a matte colour by Soap & Glory which I have NEVER thought to buy makeup products from- it's usually the nice smellies and bath features. However, Motherpucker in Blush Pink is to die for. The soft purple tone is a new shade that actually suits my skin colour! I would also like to note how much I love the packaging and sleek-look to the lipstick.

Me being me, I also picked up a new little find by Rimmel- 'Provocalips'. It is said to give your lips up to 16HR of wear! So why not put that to the test? For a mere £6.99 I forgot about student loan and gave it a try. I opted for shade 730 'Make your move' (kissproof omg). Lighter than Rimmel, it has two sides to the stick. The first for intense colour and the second to lock in shine. Although it's no longer summer, a light lip shade is ALWAYS needed.

Any opinions and thoughts feel free to comment.

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  1. I love the Soap & Glory lipstick! The colour really suits you xx